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Our natural dry smoke flavors are GMO-free and produced from a variety of traditional and identity-preserved raw materials that do not contain maize or soybean. They are available in a wide range of flavor profiles.

Dry Smoke Flavors
Chardex H - Spray Dried Hickory Smoke

Chardex M - Spray Dried Mesquite Smoke

Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar - Provides excellent smoke flavor with a clean label, can be labeled as Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar

Natural Mesquite Smoked Sugar - A perfect way to get a deep smoky note with a clean label

Natural Hardwood Smoked Maltodextrin - A dry Natural hardwood smoke with a clean label

Natural Mesquite Smoked Maltodextrin - Natural Mesquite smoke in a dry form for a clean label

Non-GMO Dry Smoke Flavors
Chardex H GF
Chardex M GF
CharTor H - Hickory Flavor-Meaty
Charzyme H - Hickory Flavor-Sweet
Charzyme M - Mesquite Flavor-Sweet