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The Benefits of Smoke Condensates

Red Arrow manufactures a wide variety of smoke condensates which can meet any of your processing needs. Our smoke technologists can help you match or better a particular smoke profile in color, flavor or texture.

Smoke condensates, like traditional smoke, are used for color, flavor, aroma, texture and to increase shelf life. The big benefit of smoke condesates is that Red Arrow controls those components which make your products consistent and high quality.

The combination of Red Arrow Smokes and our application equipment allow you to completely replace the traditional smoke process with a superior smoking technology.

Do you have emission or pollution problems? Red Arrow smoke condensate technology can help you eliminate or tremendously reduce those concerns.

Smoke Condensates can help you increase your yield savings. Because our products are concentrated and will help you reduce your typical cooking schedule, you are likely to reap substantial yield savings and save on processing time as well. Here is one example:

Frankfurter (cellulose casing)
Traditional Smoking Method

10 min Reddening 50°C
20 min Drying 55°C
20 min Smoking 55°C
15 min Drying 60°C
20 min Cooking 82°C
85 min    

Frankfurter (cellulose casing)
Smoke Condensate Showering Method

1.5 min Showering with Liquid Smoke  
20 min Dry 60°C 25%
20 min Dry 65°C 25-30%
15 min Cook 82°C 100%
56.5 min    
It is not uncommon to see 2 to 3% yield savings in these circumstances.

Please contact a distributor in your country to develop a Smoke Condensate schedule that will help your profitability.